Community jobs

Explore a wide range of community jobs that allow you to contribute to society and make a positive impact. Discover opportunities to work in various sectors and help build stronger, more inclusive communities.
FREE Community Helpers 2-piece puzzles, perfect for toddlers and preschoolers to learn about occupations and jobs around the community. Community Helpers Literacy Preschool, Sanitation Worker Preschool, Social Studies Center Preschool, Community Helper Puzzle, Community Helpers Preschool Fine Motor, Fire Safety Math Activities Preschool, Occupations Preschool Theme, Community Helpers Crafts For Toddlers, Community Helpers Art

Community Helpers Puzzles

FREE Community Helpers 2-piece puzzles, perfect for toddlers and preschoolers to learn about occupations and jobs around the community.

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10 Awesome Community Helpers Preschool Crafts

Communities function well because of dedicated people that take their jobs seriously. Community helpers are vital in keeping our neighborhood a good place to live. These people’s jobs contribute to everyone’s safety, health, and well-being. Allow children to explore the importance of the roles of these community helpers through these ten awesome preschool crafts. Conclusion ... Read more

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FREE Printable Community Helpers Coloring Pages

Learn about 37 jobs and the community helpers that do them with these FREE Coloring Pages. Printable activities for preschoolers and kindergarten.

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Community Helpers - KuriousMom

Community helpers are people who live and work in our communities. Every day, they help us in a variety of ways. Doctors, nurses, chefs, bakers, astronauts,

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Community Helpers | Interactive Worksheet |

What is a service job? This worksheet helps your students think critically about the different jobs people have and what they do in those jobs. Download to complete online or as a printable!