Chicken wire art

Explore unique and creative ways to use chicken wire in your art projects. Get inspired by top ideas and create stunning pieces that will impress everyone.
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Creating a trendy TikTok inspired DIY chicken wire sun catcher is a beautiful way to add a touch of light and charm to any space. This project is perfect for anyone looking to bring a bit of homemade beauty into their home or garden. This simple yet stunning DIY project uses simple chicken wire and

Elaine Moline
I was introduced to Kew's plans last year to create a UK native seed hub at their country estate, Wakehurst Place . Having succesfully sec... Chicken Wire Projects, Brittany Blue, Willow Sculptures, Willow Sculpture, Chicken Wire Sculpture, Chicken Wire Art, Chicken Wire Crafts, Bouquet Champetre, Willow Weaving

I was introduced to Kew's plans last year to create a UK native seed hub at their country estate, Wakehurst Place. Having succesfully secured over 10% of the worlds most vunerable plant species within their Millenium Seed Bank and safely stored in underground fridges, their focus is also looking toward our native wildflowers and meadow plants here in the UK. Their whole thought process is deeply rooted in conservation. Currently there are some fairly generic wildflower seed mixes available…

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These wonderful and interesting sculptures get even more interesting when you realize that they are made entirely out of chicken wire mesh. This innovative artists create a series of exquisite sculptures, including popular artist portraits, a koala bear, a monkey, lion and more. Besides, some folk artisans make chicken-wire Christmas balls by rolling chicken wire into a ball and attaching Christmas lights to it. It's amazing to see what can be created out of unconventional materials. John…

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