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After Rose and Kendyn, Wolf and Freyah, it's finally time for Damon. The Mortimer is back in business and the eldest of the gang has found himself in a delicate situation... Emrys Belle, a single mother, a doctor, soon to be a heart surgeon, finds herself saving the life of one of the most powerful gang leaders of the world without even knowing it. Will these two souls find their way back to each other or will fate have other plans? Emrys' pov: Once I heard a car drive away I stood up and…

Ida Kenell
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It's NOT the sort of gift to which the blog refers, but I would not complain were someone to give this, or one much life it, to me. Some among us are talented. Some are highly skilled. Others possess actual gifts. Others still merely think they have talents or skills, or possess gifts. Perhaps it doesn't really matter. Maybe it is all in the eye of the beholder or in the mind of the one who possesses or merely thinks he possesses The Gift. My mother can tell when someone is lying. As she's a…