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Experience the flavors of Brazil with these mouthwatering recipes. From feijoada to brigadeiros, discover authentic Brazilian dishes that will transport you to the streets of Rio de Janeiro.
Brazilian Vinaigrette is a fresh vibrant condiment traditionally served with grilled meats. It's great with chicken, beef and fish! Pile it on high, it's SO good! Recipe from Brazilian Cuisine, Healthy Recipes, Sauces, Caribbean Recipes, Vinaigrette, Ideas, Brazilian Vinaigrette Recipe, Brazilian Dishes, Brazilian Food Traditional

A delicious fresh condiment traditionally served with grilled meats. Serve it along side steak, chicken or fish. For a traditional Brazilian "churrasco" (aka bbq) serve with rice and beans on the side! This recipe is highly adaptable. Feel free to taste and adjust according to your preferences (more salt and pepper, vinegar amount, extra peppers or tomatoes etc.)

Marcia Snapp
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Brazilian Moqueca! Technically Moqueca Baiana from the Bahia region in Brazil where this seafood stew has elements of African influence (the addition of palm oil). Literally the most delicious stew I have made in a while. If you are a shrimp lover try this out. Moqueca is a coconut based stew with seafood though this […]

Lynn Jankowiak