Bad luck spell

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The Secret Book of Gypsy Magic: Spells from My Ancestors

This book is a treasure trove of spells and rituals passed down from a remarkable ancestor, my great-great-grandmother Lucretia. Known for her deep connection to the mystical and her vibrant green eyes that seemed to hold centuries of knowledge, Lucr...

Karen Hoffman Wagner
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Spell to break a Hex or curse!

How To Remove Black Magic Curses And Spells From Your Life! I studied Vodoun Magick with my grandfather many decades ago and kept my knowledge to myself… Until… My brothers and sisters of this world began to experience many bad luck and major accidents through dark curses that caused them

Angie Martin
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Spell to Get Rid of Bad Luck

Have you found yourself chipping a tooth, burning a full portion of your arm with steam, injuring your neck, dropping items on your face, breaking your chipped tooth, dropping items on the tender part of your neck that you just injured, getting stuck at a Kinko’s because your card suddenly doesn’t work and you only👉

Sally Mills