As you like it

Discover the enchanting world of Shakespeare's comedy, As You Like It. Immerse yourself in the witty dialogue, mistaken identities, and the power of love. Experience the joy and laughter of this timeless play.
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Director <a href="/staff/rachel-kavanaugh/VaOyMiAAAPkL2jom">Rachel Kavanaugh</a> returned to the Open Air Theatre once again in 2002 for the production of As You Like It, deemed a production that brought both 'punch and pathos' (Evening Standard). With a cast including <a href="/actors/benedict-cumberbatch/VTeUuyYAACYAQ_9y">Benedict Cumberbatch</a> (Orlando) and <a href="/actors/rebecca-johnson/VYQ8viwAACwAsku0">Rebecca Johnson</a> (Rosalind), the play features one of Shakespeare's most…

Chandrani Basak