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I have had quite a few people ask me about the handouts I used to do this color value lesson: So here you go... Sorry that I cut of the word "white" on the left side when I copied it, but the kids still get the idea. You can always just re-write it on the original before copying. I also included a value shading handout that I use for colored pencil and pencil projects. Enjoy! [These are cell-phone photos of copies of the handouts, but they should print fine. I hand-draw most of my handouts…

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Discover these helpful and informative worksheets that delve deep into the fascinating world of the 7 Elements of Art. Whether you're an art teacher looking to enhance your instructional materials or a student looking to expand your artistic knowledge, these worksheets are designed to engage and educate you on the key elements that make up every piece of art. Explore the worksheets now and unlock your creativity!

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