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[BEAUTIFUL SOULS] You inspire and uplift others. Your soul is the spirit that longs to be heard as it leads you closer to the Divine Source and wisdom. Your soul is a beautiful energy that is made manifest within you and inspire others. Its presence in you holds divine purpose, inner wisdom, integrity and infinite knowing. You are the spirit that wants to change the world, to bring peace and harmony for your children to live in a better place. Philippians 4:8 'Finally, brothers, whatever is…

Ann Blaney
Your reading from the 'Angel Power Wisdom Cards' app - Try it for free! Meditation, Law Of Attraction, Angel Guidance, Angel Oracle Cards, Angel Tarot Cards, Angel Messages, Soul, Angel Tarot, Tarot Cards

[TIME OUT] Take time for a much needed break and relax. You are being urged to not allow things to upset you or bring you down. No matter how broken and exhausted you are feeling today, this is part of the challenging road in the storm of life. You could be feeling the effects of trauma from a relationship, family problems, financial or health worries, stress or conflict. You need to take time out to replenish and nourish your mind, body and spirit. Know that situations always change…

Imogen Rydell