7th Grade Science

Ignite your curiosity with these engaging science experiments and projects designed specifically for 7th grade students. Explore fascinating topics and discover the wonders of the scientific world.
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Advice for New Science Teachers {10 Tips} — The Science Penguin

Are you taking the leap into the wild and wonderful world of teaching elementary science? Congratulations! 🎉 From making science notebooks your best friend to transforming your classroom into a curiosity-filled lab (minus the lab rats), we’ve got tips and tricks that even Albert Einstein would high five us for! Ready to become the next superhero ... Read more

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Free Middle School Science Worksheets for the Scientific Method, Genetics, Physical Science, & More!

FREE Middle School Science Resources Hello middle school science teachers! Are you looking for free science worksheets? How about some free science posters and activities? Here is my collection of free resources about the scientific method, genetics, the human body, physical science, measurement, data analysis, and more! I created them with seventh grade science in mind, but these resources will work perfectly for other grades as well. Look below to find some great resources for your science…

Allison Wing
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Learning the Levels

Learning the levels of organization, that is! My students are working hard on our living systems unit. Our newest anchor chart is all about the organization of living things. I am a huge fan of anchor charts because it helps my students organize the content into bite sized pieces. In our living systems unit we discuss the levels of organization, plant and animal cells, classification and cell theory. I like to make an anchor chart for each of the different topics and hang them around the…

Rahel Elbaz
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6 Science Classroom Management Strategies

Use these six classroom management strategies in your science classroom on the first day of school. Back to school for new science teachers.

Bevin Redmond
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Great Movies for the Science Classroom - Science Lessons That Rock

Movies is often much more engaging than lecturing to your students. Having students actually see extinction happening in the documentary Racing Extinction is much more powerful than me talking about it. While I don’t usually show full length movies in my classroom (more often clips), they can be a great supplement to your curriculum. I’ve ... Read more


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