1960s toys

Take a trip down memory lane with these iconic 1960s toys. Rediscover the joy and excitement of your childhood with our top picks that will transport you back in time.
Do you remember Footsie?   You put the yellow ring around your ankle and made it go in circles, jumping over the rope and bell.  It was a simple toy but fun! 1960s Board Games, Childhood Things, Low Tech, Vintage Memory, Oldies But Goodies, Childhood Toys, Retro Toys, Christmas Toys, Sweet Memories

Throwback Thursday - Footsie Toy

Do you remember the Footsie toy? This little plastic hoop slid up (loosely) around your ankle. There was a cord attached, with a little plastic bell shape at the end of the cord. You would get the cord (and bell shaped attachment) going around and around, and hop each time it went toward your other foot. In a way this worked like a little hula hoop. It was a great playground fad in the late 1960's - early 1970's. This simple toy provided lots of fun on the playground. Anyone remember this? I…

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Most sought-after vintage toys of America during the 1960s

The 1960s was a fun time for those who got to experience it. People born in this century considered the good old days filled with tales of time without the internet and smartphones. Some of you might wonder how your grandparents survived this period. Nowadays, some of the most popular toys include miniature cars, cool

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Take a cinematic stroll down memory lane in this video tour through the simple but imaginative toy landscapes that colored many childhoods in the 1960s and 1970s. These creative vintage playthings, from Etch A Sketches to Easy Bake Ovens, represent a time when uncomplicated toys became instruments for boundless creativity. #1960s #1970s #toys #christmas #nostalgia via @madlyoddcom Childhood Memories 70s Remember This 1970s, My Childhood Memories 1970s, 70s Toys Childhood Memories 1970s, My Childhood Memories 1960s, 70s Toys Childhood Memories, Vintage Toys 1970s 1960s, 1970s Childhood Nostalgia, Childhood Toys 70s, Vintage Toys 1970s

A magical journey through the toy chest of the 60s and 70s

Who could ever forget the magical chime of the ice cream truck, or the thrill of waking up to a snowy landscape, knowing school is canceled for the day? We were kings and queens of our own little world. A world painted with the vibrant colors of our beloved toys; a sanctuary carved out of

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