Sarah Braithwaite

Sarah Braithwaite L Beautiful line art and print textures of Lions by Dot.

Textile Sample Book (spring 1862)

French textile, Spring Textile Sample Book, Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY.



Vintage and rare Parisian textiles from the Atelier Zina de Plagny. Originally specialising in textile design to the fashion elite in the late 40s and early 50s and now creating new collections with famous fashion and decoration companies.

aux tournesols 🌻🌻 sunflowers an exclusive reproduction of a parisian textile design from atelier Zina de Plagny floral flowers

William Morris, Owl Pattern - not sure if is truly is but that's what it says

Put a Pin In It (5.3

ディック・ブルーナ : ポストカード                                                                                                                                                      もっと見る

Dick Bruna cover for Shirley Jackson Bramen met Arsenicum (blackberries with arsenic) = We have always lived in the castle(?