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a pink rose is blooming in a vase
an orange rose is blooming in the garden
two pink roses with green leaves in a vase
Rose(Salmansa)萨尔曼莎 (2 Gal+ live plant)
"Salmansa rose is a cut flower rose from Ecuador, bred by Meiland, France, released in 2013, 1. Beautiful flower color: The flowers of Salmantha rose are peach pink, apricot pink, and the central petals are dark apricot, with a mild and sweet fragrance. 2. Beautiful flower shape: The flowers of Salmantha rose are large flowers, tall cup-shaped flowers, huge petals, and the edges of the petals are wavy. 3. Long flowering period: The petals of Salmantha rose are relatively thick, and the single
a yellow rose with water droplets on it
How to create a beautiful rose
a pink rose with water droplets on it
three roses in a vase with green leaves on a gray background, one orange and the other pink
a yellow rose with red and white stripes on it's petals is in the foreground