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Origami Dual-Coloured Kusudama (Aileen Edwin) Video Tutorial *HD*

Hello everyone! In this tutorial we will be making my dual-coloured origami kusudama. We will need 30 dual-coloured sheets of 8cm x 8cm paper or larger. For ...

Origami Kusudama - Vow /【折り紙】くす玉 - Vow

Designed by Ran Kaminaga.この作品を作ってSNS等にアップするときは #かみながらん のタグ付けをお願いします。今後もくす玉折り紙の動画を配信していきますので興味のある方は是非チャンネル登録お願いします。

Кусудама цветок Незабудка оригами (Алексей Жигулёв), Kusudama flower Forget-me-not origami

Подписаться Designer: Алексей Жигулёв (Alexey Zhigulev). Кусудама цветок Незабудка оригами, Kusudama flower Forget-me-not origami. Бум...

[Hello Malinda] Origami Tutorial: Rosalie Kusudama ( Natalia Romanenko)|【折纸教程】再来折个球~帅气的Rosalie花球

Rosalie Kusudama (Designed by Natalia Romanenko) Розали (Hamалья Романенко) Paper: 30 Pieces of Paper of the ratio 1:2 Comment down below "Hello Malinda + th...

Moonlight Kusudama (Assembly) Tutorial 月光(くす玉)の組み方 (Level: 🏵🏵🏵🏵◯)

ENG/JPN bilingual video tutorial. All comments will be read! 月光(くす玉)の組み方を詳しく動画で紹介しています。 Channel: (Designed by Kankichi おりがみカ...

Kusudama PIX_Lidiane Siqueira

Papel: retângulos 1:2 Quantidade: 30 Encaixe:sem cola design:Lidiane Siqueira

Cafe latte (Kusudama) Tutorial カフェラテ(くす玉)の作り方 (Level: 🏵◯ ◯ ◯ ◯)

ENG/JPN bilingual video tutorial. All comments will be read! ミルクの泡の上にアートを描くお洒落なカフェラテのイメージで。Channel: by Kankichi おりが...

Pulmonary Kusudama - PrwOrigami Folding Tutorial 【くす玉・折り紙】

Use 30 rectangle (1:2) and 60 square sheets of origami paperDifficulty : ⭐⭐⭐Time : 3 hoursPulmonary Kusudama represents a lung. Red is blood vessel. Blue is...

Kept Kusudama - PrwOrigami Folding Tutorial 【くす玉・折り紙】

Use 30 square sheets of origami paper.Difficulty : ⭐⭐⭐Time: 2.5 hoursAssemble by kept flap inside.A variation of Kenanga designed by Usman Rosyidhi.Model pap...

Kusudama Star (Estrela) - ORIGAMI (Pt-br)

Kusudama Star (Estrela) - ORIGAMI - Dobradura (Pt-br)Parte 1 - Dobrando as peças(Criado por Tomoko Fuse)

Modular Origami: Patterned Icosahedron, 30 units (Meenakshi Mukerji)

Origami is the ancient Japanese art of paper folding.It requires no glueing, stapling, or taping. The design in this video was created by Meeakshi Mukerji. ...

折り紙 雪の結晶のくす玉 作り方 Origami Snowflake kusudama tutorial(niceno1)

折り紙の雪の結晶のくす玉の折り方、作り方を紹介します。 小さい折り紙で作れば冬のクリスマスツリーのデコレーション、飾り、オーナメントにもなります。 *必要な物You will need 折り紙origami 12枚 ノリglue ▼折り紙 雪の結晶 折り方 Origami Snowflake tutorial(n...

Nefertiti Kusudama - PrwOrigami Folding Tutorial 【くす玉・折り紙】

Use 30 rectangle (1:2) and 60 square sheets of origami paper.Difficulty : ⭐⭐⭐Time: 4 hoursNefertiti a queen of ancient Egypt has blue eyes.Model paper size:B...

Christmas Origami Instructions: Star Sonobe (Maria Sinayskaya)

Site describing regular 5-coloring: ... Paper used in this video: 30 square sheets with a side length of ... (3in) Finished model: diameter of 9cm ( ... ) This video describes how to fold a fantastic origami mode. Origami, Christmas, Star, Christmas,

【Modular Origami】Eruarusuke A 30 pieces【Kusudama】30

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