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"Gorgeous, Comfortable and Lovely  Vintage Wedding Dress that will make you feel beautiful and  so unique ! It is called \"Lindy\"💋❤️. A Line FAST SHIPPING AVAILABLE  (around 7-10 days, you can choose it at the time of payment). You can choose your size or I can customize it for you (in that case, please select custom size) See size chart for garment specs: INCHES: 2: Bust 32.68\", Waist 25.59\", Hips 35.83\" 4: Bust 33\", Waist 26.77\", Hips 36.22\" 6: Bust 34.65\", Waist 27.56\", Hips 37.80\" 8: Bust 35.43\", Waist 28.35\", Hips 38.58\" 10: Bust 36.61\", Waist 29.53\", Hips 39.76\" 12: Bust 38.19\", Waist 31.10\", Hips 41.34\" 14: Bust 39.37\", Waist 32.68\", Hips 42.91\" 16: Bust 40.94\", Waist 33.86\", Hips 44\" 16W: Bust 42.91\", Waist 36.22\", Hips 45.67\" 18W: Bust 44.88\", Waist 3


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a woman with her back turned to the camera, wearing jeans and a white tank top
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a woman's torso with no shirt on, showing the bottom part of her shorts
a woman in black sports bra top looking at her cell phone and holding it up to her face
a woman is standing on one leg with her feet in the air and looking down
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