Kokubun-ji temple, Okayama, Japan 国分寺 岡山

Full Moon at Kokubun-ji temple, Okayama, Japan 国分寺 岡山.

Fashion Kimono

【画像 4/5】伊勢丹×東京デザイナー今年は女の浴衣、ミナやファセッタズムとコラボ

"That’s why people lose intelligence: for the simple reason that they are so tired. If the mind can have little rest, if you can leave the mind alone for a few hours every day, if once in a while you can give the mind a holiday, it will be rejuvenated; it will come out more intelligent, more efficient, more skillful." --Osho, Waking Times http://www.wakingtimes.com/2013/10/26/meditation-rest-rest-makes-mind-efficient/

I think a Geisha is one of the most beautiful things in the world. I wish I could go to Japan for the cherry blossoms and Geisha.too bad I hate Japanese food.

Chushingura (1997) Directed by Werner Herzog, Sets and Costume design by Eiko Ishioka, Japan

“ Chushingura Directed by Werner Herzog, Sets and Costume design by Eiko Ishioka Above: Kimonos designed by Eiko for the prostitute characters. As the costume and set designer, Eiko brought her.

Maiko wearing a Furisode style kimono. The kimono is the traditional dress of Japan, and it is worn nowadays on formal occasions. It is sometimes accused of being an impractical form of dress, but it has the advantage of giving the wearer a graceful and elegant deportment. Photo by Romain Chassagne

Obi maiko The beautiful belt or waist wrapping on the Kimono of a Maiko, the apprentice Geisha, seen from the rear.

Japan, silk kurotomesode, yuzen and silver foil, flying cranes and weave design, Meiji period

Kimono with waves and cranes. Mid to late Meiji period Yuzen-dyed Kurotomesode

上村松園・庭の雪1948(昭和23) https://www.facebook.com/tabaca.magno?ref=tn_tnmn

Uemura Shōen and Quintessential Bijinga,Paintings of Beautiful Women [Past Exhibition]