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Outside Inside - book cover - David Drummond The cut out feeling gives out the hand made feeling instead of focusing too much in graphic

2015.11.25(水)〜12.25(金)ギニョール&JAM POT「天体観測展」

2015.11.25(水)〜12.25(金)ギニョール&JAM POT「天体観測展」


Les 10 prints les plus brillants et créatifs du lundi ! #43

Taste that goes to your head Advertising Agency: MK Norway, Bergen, Norway Creative Director: Armando Zuniga Art Director: Doffen Trellevik, Ole Fæ

Lego Masters Imagine Campaign | #Advertising

Can You Name the Original Painting from these LEGO Versions? The Mona Lisa – Leonardo da Vinci

Vintage Pete Hawley Illustrations « Isle of Ideas - Thoughts on Things, Stuff & Gedöns

Art by Pete Hawley for Coca Cola ad - Refreshment on the beach.Coca Cola and beach have always made for a beautiful girl. You can't beat the real thing.

take a Kodak with you

Colour poster produced for Kodak Ltd, showing the 'Kodak Girl' standing on a rock on a beach, holding a small camera.


Italian designer Marco Sodano recreated three famous masterpieces (Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and Lady with an Ermine, and Johannes Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring) using lego blocks so as to illustrate that all children are authentic artists.