The firefly squids glowing along the coast of Toyama Bay, Japan. 富山湾沿岸で光る蛍イカ。☆Tho it's in fact unpredictable and can't be 100% guaranteed, the conditions of this phenomenon likely to occur (according to locals) are as follows: During midnight to dawn from Feb thru June, a day before and after the new moon in which the sea is calm with no wind or waves, and moreover, it must be a dark moonless night. What you can do is check the waxing & wanning schedules of the moon, predict wave…


こころよ では いっておいで しかし また もどっておいでね やっぱり ここが いいのだに こころよ では 行っておいで 「こころよ」作詞:八木重吉 Favorite music Fly Me To The Moon

福美楽 fukumiraku

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