Combo Ano 1 / Quinta-feira

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Stunning Magazine Covers

Branding project by Mark Brooks for Magro Cardona, a high-quality footwear brand based in Madrid, Spain. Graphic designer Mark Brooks was hired to develop

Matt Roeser has an innate sense of curiosity about everything... | Book Designers

Nice series that's quite recognisable throughout. The black and white picture is quite mysterious in each book and the bright spot colouring on each one adds a nice touch Matt Roeser has an innate sense of curiosity about everything.

Gara Gara - Art direction: Isu Taeko(NNNNY); Design: Asuka Watanabe; Logo: Yurie Hata

Gara Gara Summer Festival, 2015 Art direction by Isu Taeko (NNNNY) Graphic Design by Asuka Watanabe Logo by Yurie Hata

WE ARE Pi worked with choreographer Ernst Meisner, the National Ballet and Nova Dance College in Amsterdam to create this performance piece entitled Living Brain and photographed by Bill Tanaka.