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Erik Madigan Heck

Topshop and Mary Katrantzou collaboration.such an amazing shoot and the print mixes are fantastic. And to top it all off it isn't a shoot but a painting by Erik Madigan Heck!

こんなアレンジ知ってた?驚くほどかわいいアンティーク着物コーデのポイント♡|MERY [メリー]

こんなアレンジ知ってた?驚くほどかわいいアンティーク着物コーデのポイント♡|MERY [メリー]

Samantha Xu by Xi Sinsong for Elle Vietnam. Styled by Phuong My. Hair by Arturo Swayze. Makeup by Misha Shahzada. #fashion #beauty #makeup

publicado por Institute Magazine Samantha Xu by Xi Sinsong Styled by Phuong My Hair by Arturo Swayze Makeup by Misha Shahzada