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ペン画による建築投透視図の制作(住宅編) 梶山喜一郎 もっと見る

ペン画による建築投透視図の制作(住宅編) 梶山喜一郎 もっと見る

クリップアートとベクター - 手描き花と葉の花の落書き落書き/スケッチ - 自然/葉/植物図面 - 商用利用

Doodle Flowers Clipart and Vectors – Hand Drawn Flower and Leaf Doodles / Sketch – Nature / Foliage / Botanical Drawings – Commercial Use handmade design

Toyo Ito's provocation of “Thinking About Home-for-All” was to improve living conditions at the cramped and bureaucratic temporary housing facilities set up in the aftermath of the serial disasters of March 11th, 2011. The events destroyed not ...

Home for All” studio with Toyo Ito in Tokyo. Community centers designed in a temporary housing facility for tsunami survivors. [[MORE]] Options Studio at the GSD - Platform Selection Spring 2012 Collaboration with John Todd and Hattie Stroud