Inquiry based learning

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Books for Making Inferences and Predictions

Looking for a book list for making inferences and predictions? Here you go! Be sure to check out all the book lists I have for teaching comprehension. *This post contains affiliate links. Making inferences and predictions are highly related comprehension strategies. In fact, most books for teaching comprehension lump them together. For the younger ... Read More about Book List for Making Inferences and Predictions

Investigating the Meaning of Inquiry in Kindergarten

What is Inquiry Based Leaning in Kindergarten? In simple form, inquiry-based learning is more of a student-directed way of learning rather than teacher-directed. In some cases, the teaching team may set the general framework for learning, but for the most part, the learning is based on the students questions, ideas and passions. This is similar to the emergent curriculum if that is a term you are more familiar with. Rather than working off set lesson plans that are theme-based and not…

Worms- The Project

After we investigated worms, the kids decided on a mural as the project to show what they had learned. One thing they all helped with was painting the soil, then they worked in teams to make different parts of the mural. One team cut some green paper for grass. They studied what worm tunnels looked like and painted them onto the soil. After each team worked on the part of the mural they signed up for, they wrote information that they wanted to share about their part of the project. Another…

How I Plan and Implement Project/Inquiry Based Learning In My Class

Project/Inquiry Based Learning has been a passion of mine ever since I discovered it about 5 years ago. Since then, I have stepped out of m...

Learn What Dissolves in Water with a Preschool Science Experiment

Discover what dissolves in water with a fun, easy preschool science experiment. You'll just need water and a few pantry staples!

Underwater Sound Experiment for Kids

Discover how sound travels under water with this simple science experiment for kids

Transfer of Energy Marble Roll (Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational)

This week and last week have been nuts. It's taken a massive amount of organization and a whole lot of crockpot dinners to keep us going. Despite the way our schedule has blown up, I'm still fitting i

Fingerprinting Science Activity for Kids

Learn about fingerprinting for kids & play detective! Fun ideas for a CSI or spy party or science activity for preschool & elementary ages!

The Best Planning Books for Teaching Inquiry Based Science

Are you looking for ways to teach inquiry based science? This guide has books, research, and online resources to get you started!

Planning for a Full Day of Inquiry-Based Learning

Lately I’ve had the opportunity to work with educators who are either teaching Kindergarten for the first time or are moving from a half-day Kindergarten to a full-day Kindergarten program. I…

How Did We Explore the Concepts of Physics in Kindergarten?

Physics in Kindergarten? Absolutely! This is why play is so important in Early Childhood Education! How else could children begin to have a...

Love this idea...I Wonder Why Questions...freebie is the questions!

Morning meeting calendar

I found a great site, Mama Jenn, that had a great calendar for morning meetings. I decided to recreate one for my classroom and change a few things for my needs. (click on the Mama Jenn link for original calendar). I decided to keep the day, month and year (like Mama Jenn)- however I decided for the date to have proper dates instead of numbers. In Australia, our date goes day/month/year, so I also decided to put them in that order on my board. I downloaded a 2012 calendar from…

Show kids why they need to use soap! #science #scienceexperiment #scienceforkids

Explain How Soap Works with a Simple Experiment

Unicorns and Glitter help teach kids why we use soap in a simple, science experiment and a fun book!