Fractal Cosmology theory: THE ITERATION Collection by Lisa Shahno. Optical illusion wear that gives the impression that the wearer has no head let alone a functioning brain

Studio serves its clients in the conception and creation of pioneering architecture, timeless interior design, and high-end product design.


sergioalbiac: “ Nerea - Generative portrait on archival paper 250 grms. Edition of Now on display at “El Bigote del Sr. Smith”, Barcelona until Nov.

‘ Sooner or later it all comes down ‘ installation view of the artwork designed by Via Grafik at the names festival in Praha. The installation appears as a snapshot of a falling down scenery.

Designer fabric and an endearing choice for your drapery from the 'Sabine Sally' design style range by Warwick

Being a stylist everytime I see a clothing rack like this. I automatically think "on set" time to style a photo shoot.but using a clothing rack in your living space is a neat idea.