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Traditional Exterior Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel and Decor (breezeway concept)

Human Being Journal #6 - amardeeps

Love the idea of large tree like plants in the huge triple storey high space!

Genko-an Temple (Kyoto,JAPAN) Summer/Fall/Winter

Genko-an Temple (Kyoto,JAPAN) Summer/Fall/Winter This is great, I've always wanted to do a picture series of the seasons outside a single window.


~Pink door in Culture Park Mariposa, Arona, Tenerife, Canary Islands


Android Wallpaper, Theme, Background of Green Green Green for your Android Phones. Beautiful green wall with beautiful flowers and the window

☾ • ˚ * 。 •★

This is an amazing little castle tower thing out in the woods, best tree house ever


PANTONE Color of the Year 2014 - Radiant Orchid.this color would enhance so many flowers, especially in a cottage garden


Prime (minister's) real estate: inside Margaret Thatcher's £30m home

Reminds me of the house/cabin we stayed in in North Carolina overlooked the wine cellar. House with roof terrace and underground kitchen (Thatcher's old house, redeveloped in Chester Square, Belgravia)

鳥居の区別 : 極稀に役に立つ画像集 - NAVER まとめ

鳥居の区別 : 極稀に役に立つ画像集 - NAVER まとめ

腐蝕 木頭 人嵌入

Gallery of Harbin Opera House / MAD Architects - 18

View full picture gallery of Harbin Opera House


Fascinated by the idea of staying in a tree house or hotel? Want some design inspiration for your own treehouse to live in? Enjoy our pix!