made by bees. beautiful PD

Made by bees Packaging. There may be lot's of honey/bee inspired packaging out there but the way these fit together look stunning.

Bigger Harvest | Creative Packaging

Bigger Harvest

A Bigger Harvest Packaging - You’re probably wondering why these fruits have been dressed up like vegetables. Well, A Bigger Harvest packaging combines two Chinese tradit.

Zen Perfume

Zen Perfume Packaging Design Talk about a zen idea and here is one that tops the list. The designs are original simple and as zen teaches are without the elements that are not required. The clever use of glass and plastic makes the feel of the product or


Too pretty not to share the entire Teassert by Lily Kao packaging pin curated by Packaging Diva PD

Image Credits: Packaging


Brilliant Packaging Design examples for your inspiration // Introducing moirestudiosjkt a thriving website and graphic design studio.

Toilet paper packaging

Fruits Toilet Paper (Concept)

Fruits Toilet Paper (Concept)- Creative Agency: Latona Marketing Inc. - Thanks for your business, here's some fancy toilet paper !

Beautifully Designed Biodegradable Dog Poo Bags and Packaging.

Beautifully Designed Biodegradable Dog Poo Bags and Packaging celebrating National Dog Day with some favs PD


LADY MIKAN not sure whether this is juice or alcohol In any case it's clever PD (Bottle Bag Packaging)

Casahana Black Tea - Chinese New Year origami tea packaging inspiration

Casahana Black Tea

Casahana Black Tea curated by Packaging Diva PD. Chinese New Year origami tea packaging inspiration. Asian packaging and branding design

Japanese sake barrels / komolabo project

These are 13 designs in a theme of “celebration”, which were created by 13 Japanese designers active in the fields of design, fashion and art.