1963 T360

From starting creating Japan's first People's Car to introducing platform diversification in small cars, Honda has a long and rich legacy of creating pint-sized tornados. Here is our pick of the company's most legendary small soldiers

Gets 46 MGP, too bad theirs only 300 i the USA still running. {One of the early Honda cars to America, the Z/600 Coupe} | @Honda City Long Island

OMG its sooo nerdy, i want one! {One of the early Honda cars to America, the Coupe}

1st Gen & 8th Gen

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Honda Z

Honda Z coupe - came with an air cooled 2 cylinder engine or the sportier - with a engine. It originally sold at Honda Motorcycle dealerships until the arrival of the Civic Honda Car dealers - first year production

Classic Honda

nice Stance Works - The Annual Motor Union Hosted y Dime Honda 2017

1977 Honda Civic

1972 Honda Civic - Drove one of these too! This thing could totally handle snow--nothing stopped it!

1975 Honda Civic CVCC - 4 guys could lift this & move it, we did it to a friends.

1975 Honda Civic CVCC- This and the Datsun initiated the invasion of Japanese cars.

Original Dealer Brochures From the Seventies; It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times

Original Dealer Brochures From the Seventies. A 1975 green Honda Civic hatchback I bought from my parents.

Honda Civic

Honda Civic rolled this car down slack hill 1987 had joellen moore rob tettlow and ? cant remember who the other person was