Japanese sweets ~ bears.

I don't know how they do this, but I wanna to discover how to make this Japanese sweets bears.


tanuki-kimono: “ tanuki-kimono: “Rabbit-shaped wagashi made for Hinamatsuri (girl’s festival) ” Those little usagi-hina doll shaped cakes are so cute (I could never eat such a cute thing!

Japanese Candies

Japanese Candies - Kintaro-Ame (Ame means candy) . Cut anywhere of the candy bar, you can see the same face.

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crazy rainbows wonderful sour blueberry freakshake topped with bubblegum, vanilla cake, a rainbow lollipop and whipped cream. the icing drizzled down the side is delicious and helps the freakshake take on another dimension

Haut Couture Wagashi 虎屋 和菓子オートクチュール: 四季の菓子

Haut Couture Wagashi 虎屋 和菓子オートクチュール: 四季の菓子