Designer: Christopher Paul

"This Time Tomorrow" poster by Christopher Paul

Works / WASTED - Marco Oggian

Works / WASTED - Marco Oggian Not sure what draws me to these childish designs.


Japanese print and pattern that goes back to the old chinese sign for water (on maps) and the japanese kanji go back to chinese characters .

Cómodo Screen / albert corberó

Cómodo Screen suggested me to make their corporate image. My proposal was to make a simple alphabet of shapes and colors. Part of the graphics could be generated using stickers with simple colors and textures.

Lodz Design Festival

Lodz Design Festival PD by ortografika

conversation with art, on art

conversation with art, on art: exhibition poster…

Marvelous Beast by Stacey Donaldson, via Behance

processs: Poster series featuring my first typeface, Marvelous Beast. Screen printed on French Paper.


ELOY Legacy - The official band website