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Inspiration - Journal Prompt: Love this idea for an art/writing project. Students can draw themselves and write about themselves.

Life is Creative

Life is Creative Design and creative center Kobe Japanese poster with foot and plants. Nice lines and typography credits to the artist

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I WISH I MADE: One of my favorite art direction and I wish I did. Using water drop to create a scene is really cool. Color is soft and insipid.

Rallye Labelによるイベント『ソコカシコ 2015』が、10月12日に東京・渋谷のduo Music Exchange、TSUTAYA O-nest、7th Floorで開催される。 同イベントには、Rallye Labelに所属する日本人アーティストが総出演する…


I love asian art. I always have and I just wanted to add this to show an aspect of the asian art i love.

『北斎 ―富士を超えて―』チラシビジュアル

北斎の晩年に焦点、大英博物館との国際共同展『北斎 ―富士を超えて―』

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CELEBRATING 50 YEARS IN BRAZIL F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi / São Paulo

Cup Noodle ( カップヌードル Kappu Nūdoru ) is a brand of instant ramen noodle snack manufactured by Nissin, packaged in a foam food container, hard plastic or paper cup. Other brand names are used in specific countries, such as the singular Cup Noodle in Japan,