jars of buttons

Store buttons, etc. in canning jars on a 3 tiered rack. just seeing this makes me want to start collecting buttons again. i used to have a ton but i used most of them on crafts.i like seeing them in jars like this!

Button Jar

old Buttons stored in a Ball Jar.fond memories of my Mom, who used to do the same thing.my mom kept hers in a coffee jar

Beautiful Hand-blown Honey jar

honey in a jar.not a mason jar.but still a nice looking jar

milk bottles - LOVE!

Great site with discounted items- Example: Long Wood Crate with 5 glass milk bottles for only nine bucks.including Party & Wedding supplies ,Home decor; Craft supplies LED lights, AND MUCH more! check it out!

beverage dispenser

Bubbled Beverage Dispenser

Beautiful and artistic beverage dispenser, great for quenching your crowd's thirsts! Would display sangria or any other drink beautifully!