Fer cute!

I don't think anything can beat the cuteness factor here! Squirrel Mug Topper Cookies. You could make any cookie sit on the rim of a cup.

The TEA 11/1は紅茶の日!紅茶~玉露まで!お茶の製法をまとめたインフォグラフィック | みんなのごはん


fresh coffee beans, ah, the smell !

Purchase beans from Fair Trade Coffee farms. You get great coffee, and it benefits the farmers who grow your coffee beans (fair wages, better working conditions, community development, etc).

製造法もひと目でわかる「お茶の分類」早見表 | ZUNNY

製造法もひと目でわかる「お茶の分類」早見表 | ZUNNY

Coffee Jelly Recipe | Easy Japanese Recipes at JustOneCookbook.com

Coffee Jelly

Japanese rice-cake sweets (Mochi)

You asked this mochi with kinako, is it enak (delicous)? Yup, simple but enak ^^ Coffee and Japanese rice-cake sweets with brown sugar and soybean flour