vintage candy tin

Vintage Candy Tins

This is a re-printed design from a vintage tin by an Italian candy company. The decorative elements and typefaces used are a good example of Art Nouveau style adapted to a modern product.

『宇宙の森フェス』 - 音楽イベントを探す?

『宇宙の森フェス』 大樹町カムイコタン公園(北海道) - 全国のイベント情報

#Poster #藍色 #金色

✖ Mathilde RONSIN - modern and bold graphic design perfect for modern entrepreneurs.

Girly Mexico Flyer:好きな色味いい。

Love the simple shapes and colors making such a complex pattern

#imagination #kids #paint #playroom

Pin This pin is a contemporary play room which is very visually stimulating.

Looking at this makes me this what the cosmos look like to everyone? different shapes and moons hmmm mysteriousi like it,

Graphic Design & Illustrations by Asuka Watanabe // this is like the exact visual representation of every song by kavinsky, in a good way.


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Angel Oloshove

Angel Oloshove

primary colors: card set