Mesa de dulces

Love this idea for a teen party > Attach photos to your balloon strings for a unique way of displaying special memories

unique shoe shot.

Bridal party photo idea, jumping with shoes up close. This would be perfect because I want each person to where her favorite shoe, from high heals to Chuck Taylor's to Toms I want each personality to show through.

LAURA ASHLEY Bridal|京都でウェディングドレスの企画・製造・卸 |株式会社グレース

If you’re looking for a princess-worthy look, don’t miss this pastel pink x blue ball gown from Laura Ashley!

Love the back of this gown. It's very distinctive and rather sculptural at the same time, which gives it a modern feel


ハーフダウン,ハーフダウン のヘアメイクカタログ|ザ・ウエディング 美しいウエーブヘアにティアラを合わせた正統派スタイル/Side


ハーフダウン,ハーフダウン のヘアメイクカタログ|ザ・ウエディング 美しいウエーブヘアにティアラを合わせた正統派スタイル/Side