There is a moment when a clinging bead of water, in quiet orb-like suspension…

There is a moment when a clinging bead of water, in quiet orb-like suspension, becomes a droplet. The droplet reflects its surroundings while gathering light within. There is a moment when molten glass transforms from liquid to solid. This instant of t

The dark walls and bright string lights creates a stunning, yet elegant and modern feel.

Not sure which is more spectacular.the stairway or the lighting. Cascading lights within a winding staircase

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what I find interesting about this piece is the different layers of wood around the lamp. the focal point is the very top layer of the wood. if I could change something it would be to make the bulb bigger

日本山梨県立富士湧水の里水族館 森の中の水族館 - 「床に照らされた魚の影絵がかわいい!」

via: @ wood Chi Workshop: Movies fish lamp form in Fuji gushing の Aquarium (Yamanashi Prefecture)

ちくご・もの・かたり ~ていねいなくらしのかたち~00年の歴史を持つ日本が誇る伝統技術「組子細工(木下木芸)」

Kumiko is a traditional Japanese woodworking technique that has been around since the Asuka era AD

Resultado de imagem para fazer luminaria pendente

Design David Trubridge / The luminaire designed to cause the least possible…

一家に一つ、月が手に入る時代がきたようです | roomie(ルーミー)


Really nice recipes. Every hour. Luna Lamp Brings The Moon Into Your Room Really.

Urban Outfitters (アーバンアウトフィッターズ)で作る西海岸風インテリアデザイン-STYLE HAUS(スタイルハウス)

Not really into gold but this feels still fairly clean and streamlined to me, and I like that it looks like falling stars. A sense of abundance without clutter or frilliness.

urbnite: “ Wassily Chair by Marcel Breuer ”

A masculine Scandinavian interior. Green bubble lamp, black and white gallery wall, ethnic rug and camel leather couch with metallic elements.

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