旅行会社H.I.S.による"世界の紫(purple)を集めよう"というボードです。#his_purpleというハッシュタグで紫の写真をPinしよう!また、ボードをフォローしてH.I.S.の写真へコメントを頂ければボードへ招待させて頂きます。 Here is a Pinterest board with exquisite sceneries in purple from around the world. We are collecting more blue themed photos to create a giant world of purple. Share with us and our fans your photos in blue with the hashtag "#his_purple." Follow our account and comment on our photos to be invited to our board. Join us now to build this board together!
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Purple and orange.  Two colors you don't usually put together, but it can work if done right.

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Giant Wisteria - Ashikaga Flower Park, Tochigi, Japan

Ashikaga Flower Park,Tochigi, Japan (by …-堆糖,美好生活研究所

Cherry blossoms - Mifuneyama-rakuen, Saga, Japan

東京カメラ部 New:Tsubasa Yamauchi 佐賀 御船山楽園 Mifuneyama-rakuen Saga,Japan http://www.mifuneyamarakuen.jp/ もっと見る