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already added to my bucket list!!!!!! Book a trip to the Caribbean and Swim with the dolphins! #travel #wanderlust http://www.wimco.com/villa-rentals/caribbean/

THIS IS NOT a wild dolphin. Wild dolphins would not let a human "kiss" them. Sadly this cutie is a captive dolphin, trained to perform for a dead fish :(

Route 66 through the desert town of Amboy, California. The famous Rt. 66 shield is painted on the old road outside Roy's Cafe.

Road trippin' this Summer? Our homage to this great national highway is the souvenir Route 66 towel. Route 66 through the desert town of Amboy, California. The famous Rt. 66 shield is painted on the old road outside Roy's Cafe.

Lantern Festival, Poznan, Poland....omg,it's like tangled in real life!

"Midsummer Night/Kupala Night Lanterns": marking the shortest day of the year (June more than floating Chinese lanterns were released over the Warta River in Poznan, Poland. Its a real life Tangled moment!

India - 15 Places, Top Travel List (photography, photo, picture, image, beautiful, amazing, travel, world, places, nature, landscape, camels)

Camels and Taj Mahal India. Went to the Taj Mahal, but did not see anything as spectacular as this.

Great nighttime shots—the ones with crystal-clear stars and the Milky Way practically jumping off the screen—are always a big hit on Instagram.

It's Not Just Point & Shoot. Master Nighttime Photography.

Navagio Beach, Greece.

Milos, Greece: secret Greek island of the summer

Sagrada Familia – Barcelona, Spain, you need a couple more days for Barcelona.  Where Madrid is Spanish, Barcelona is European

30 famous places that you MUST see


Tahiti is the largest island in the Windward group of French Polynesia, located in the archipelago of the Society Islands in the southern Pacific Ocean. It is the economic, cultural and political centre of French Polynesia.



Neuschwanstein Castle - Bavaria, Germany


Cinderella's Castle Bavaria, Germany The enchanted Castle Dream Lights on Cinderella Castle Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

Yoga- improves flexibility, digestion, and reduces stress- i do 15 minutes after dinner- it helps me a ton!

I love this asana. Natarajasana / Lord of the Dancer’s pose- How To Do And What Are Its Benefits?

恋のトンネル -ウクライナの絶景・名所-


This beautiful train track is naturally covered by green trees and makes a tunnel. Located in Kleven, Ukraine, this train tunnel is named as” “Tunnel of Love” by local people.