how to pack the roasted salty salmon and the food into the bento box.

STEP Fill one half of the bento box with rice and use shiso leaves for dividing the rice and the other food. In this case, pack rice into the bento box diagonally and use shiso leaf and haran as a…

The detail of Japanese ancient kimono   -Juni Hitoe-

The detail of Japanese ancient kimono. This kind of Kimono is called Juni Hitoe (十二単衣) meaning twelve-layered robe.

thekimonogallery:      “Kimono Times”, October, 2012 edition

tsmskimonoyokubo: “ thekimonogallery: “ “Kimono Times”, October, 2012 edition ” Wooo i like that Serpent Scale pattern obi!

Japanese ancient 12 layers kimono, Juni-hitoe 十二単

Ancient Japanese fabric - 12 layers in this kimono, Juni-hitoe 十二単

The deep blue glaze on these handmade dishes is a little mesmerizing, don't you think? These are crafted by hand, with a handmade price. I would buy just one or two and use them as serving dishes for ripe tomatoes, glazed peach cake, or roasted summer vegetables.

Modern Deep Blue Dinner Plates from MB Art Studios

porcelain large dish modern deep blue by MB Art Studios // Renegade Craft Fair Austin Summer 2014 SXSW Edition



Shop door curtain - Noren - Japan

Shop door curtain

Door curtain (noren), woven blue cotton with resist dyed crest, Japan, Museum Number

明治の浮世絵画家・庄田耕峰(Shoda Koho)

【日本の機微】心が静かに揺れる「夜影を照らす月」たち。明治の浮世絵画家・庄田耕峰(Shoda Koho) が素晴らしい

“handa: Moonlit Sea, Hasegawa Night, by Shoda Koho, woodblock print, ca. I’m partial to Shoda Koho’s work because I own one of his prints. I haven’t been able to find mine online. I should scan it someday.


I needed something to do with my old and torn jeans! Love the doily-esque painted details; going to actually stitch doilies from my collection on my own jean-quilt, I think.

Maiko. Kyoto. Japan.

geisha-kai: “October junior maiko Ayaha of Pontocho applying the red lipstick (SOURCE) ”