DIY Pallet Wood Front Porch

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Outdoor kitchen

Replace the back garden off the deck with this? Have a slot for the BBQ and wood storage? A great idea for BBQ area and storage.

Weaver’s knot tutorial //Manbo

Weaver’s knot tutorial - an important join to know. This is how I join my yarns together. You can trim tails very close to knot and knot hide in your crochet.

How to Make Swedish Fire Log

It is called the swedish fire log. pour and soak for a few days or weeks. then when you need it start it on fire and you have a fire log that last for hours. we did this in the snow when we had parties or people over to keep warm.



Have to look into whether you can buy these floating deck systems in Australia. Would save HEAPS of time

Well, almost instant. It took Evan and I about 8 hours to build the flat deck in my garden plan yesterday. Neither one of us have ever done this kind of thing before, so we’re feeling pretty pleased with ourselves right now! We have îpe tastes but a tiny

Laser cut compact signage

Hiiibrand Competition 2011 - Entry: Pizelato Immagine Corporativa Think about a logo- keeping idea of stainless steel in mind

How much of a shelf do you really need? can't we just hide em when they aren't needed

8 Best Small Space Shelving Solutions

8 Best Small Space Shelving Solutions : Like a paper fan, these folding bookshelves can open and fold away vertically when not in use.

合わせ技がスゴイ!100均フォトフレームで作るディスプレイ棚♪ | RoomClip mag | 暮らしとインテリアのwebマガジン


合わせ技がスゴイ!100均フォトフレームで作るディスプレイ棚♪ | RoomClip mag | 暮らしとインテリアのwebマガジン

"Clopen" aluminium shelf with secret drawer that can only be opened with magnets. Prototype by Japanese architects TORAFU

A space for your secrets. The latest project by Japanese studio Torafu Architects may look like a standard floating shelf, but it actually contains a slim secret drawer that can be opened with magnets.