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a white sculpture sitting on top of a table next to a gray wall and floor
All Things Paper
3D geometric sculpture by Daryl J Ashton
four different types of origami are shown in this diagram, and each one has three dimensional shapes
TRANSLATED GEOMETRIES: Arquitectura de transición
TRANSLATED GEOMETRIES: Arquitectura de transición | Arquitectura
an abstract sculpture made out of folded pieces of gray paper and metal wire on a white surface
Form studies
Form studies on Behance
many white umbrellas hanging from the ceiling in an open area with trees behind them
Gallery of Students of Ball State Construct Parametric Tensegrity Structure for Local Art Fair - 7
three different types of lines and shapes are shown in the diagram, with one line going through
Modular Timber Structure
a large concrete structure sitting on top of a cement field
dionisio gonzalez imagines disaster resistant surrealist structures
an intricately designed wooden structure in the middle of a park with lots of trees
Times Eureka Pavilion / Nex Architecture
Times Eureka Pavilion / Nex Architecture #Biomimicry # Pin++ for Pinterest #
people standing in front of a sculpture made out of cardboard
Constructive Geometry Pavilion Investigates Dome Structures Through Mass-Customization - eVolo | Architecture Magazine
The Constructive Geometry Pavilion is an investigation of dome structures through use of computational design processes. Designed and constructed by the students of the Faculty of Architecture, University of Porto, the structure is made of corrugated cardboard. Interested to see cardboard in action? Check our upcycling event Trashboarding at