japanese matchbox label, via Flickr.

graphic design wants graphic design, mother graphic design vintage matchbox label: vintage Japanese matchbox label

Book Cover. Yumeji

Japanese Book Cover: Yumeji Graphics

1967 jpn ad - Icecream★雪印アイスクリームの広告。可愛い。

livingnowisliving: “ C Epton saved to Vintage Ads Vintage Japanese ad for ice cream ”

Vintage Japanese matchbox label, circa1920s-1930s

Vintage Japanese matchbox label, It advertises a Cafe called Cafe Asahi Tei located in the town of Takasaki in the Gumma (Gunma) prefecture.

japanese matchbox label

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いま見ても新鮮デザイン!レトロ感が満載の1900年代 日本の観光PRポスターまとめ – Japaaan 日本の文化と今をつなぐ

Hühne about his new book Airline Visual Identity: and why airline branding used to be so much better than it is today.

vintage advertising, Japan — deluxe mayonnaise デラックスマヨネーズ / 1963

vintage advertising, Japan — deluxe mayonnaise デラックスマヨネーズ / 1963