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a blue poster with the words yoro on it
an image of a painting with green and black colors on it's surface,
Pablo Picasso - Composition in three colors, 1947
an abstract drawing with white and brown colors
Pablo Picasso | Vallauris Exhibition 1955 | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
a black and white drawing of three faces
Alexander Calder - Striped Family - 1953
a painting with mountains in the background and trees on the ground below it, as well as other artwork
Auspicious Red Mt. Fuji, lithograph by Tamako KATAOKA
a painting of a red mountain with trees and flowers on it's bottom half
片岡球子 瀧屋美術
arte Tamako Kataoka Takiya
an abstract painting with blue and red colors
片岡 球子 Kataoka Tamako(1905 - 2008年)
an abstract painting with flowers and plants on red ground next to a mountain covered in snow
片岡球子 | |正光画廊
a painting of a cactus and trees with a red mountain in the backround
片岡球子 瀧屋美術
Kataoka Tamako mont fuji
an image of a painting with mountains and clouds in the background on a red sky
片岡 球子 Kataoka Tamako(1905 - 2008年)Golden Fuji