This would be a great idea for those times i need the large cutting table for those incredibly big projects aka backdrops and wedding formals. Floyd Leg - clamp-on legs (available in 5 colors) works with material up to thick.

Built-In Ironing Board

Top Organizing Tips for Closets

We will probably need this in Isaak's side of a walk in closet in addition to ironing in the laundry room. Top Organizing Tips For Closets - this built-in ironing board in the closet is a brilliant idea!


The Study Bed

Idea about Home Office - An amazing space saving desk. Would be great for a student or a child's room. by: Dean Thompson on: That's A Good Idea


Great dining nook - Winner of Belle Coco Republic Interior Design Awards 2015 Best Kitchen Design: Foreshore House by Justine Hugh-Jones.

Pegboard Jewelry Displays #handmade #roadshows

Pegboard Jewelry Displays

The Amber dream jewellery shop combines Asian luxury with Nordic design. The majority of the shop’s clientele are Asian tourists, who like jewellery crafted from Baltic amber. Product display elements are prominent.

DOOR/造作扉/アンティーク/ヴィンテージ/扉/ハンドル/ドア/リノベーション/フィールドガレージ/design by FieldGarage INC./リノベーション

DOOR/造作扉/アンティーク/ヴィンテージ/扉/ハンドル/ドア/リノベーション/フィールドガレージ/design by FieldGarage INC./リノベーション

Great idea for small spaces. Fold up table with frame

Fold-down table could be very helpful for certain craft projects. Also works for a sewing table so the cloth has somewhere to flow as you sew. I want an arts and craft table something like this!

WORKS マンション事例|リノベーションやコンバージョンならアートアンドクラフトへ!|大阪~阪神間

WORKS マンション事例|リノベーションやコンバージョンならアートアンドクラフトへ!|大阪~阪神間

ENTRANCE/エントランス/玄関/モルタル/アイアン/窓/フィールドガレージ/FieldGarage INC./リノベーション

ENTRANCE/エントランス/玄関/モルタル/アイアン/窓/フィールドガレージ/FieldGarage INC./リノベーション


Hidden room would be so cool! 31 Insanely Clever Remodeling Ideas For Your New Home Hidden room would be so cool! 31 Insanely Clever Remodeling Ideas For Your New Home…


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