French graphic designer Flore Maquin recreates famous digital movie posters. For this, she draws digital portraits depicting main characters such as Django or Mia Wallace and works also on the typography. Here you can find a selection of these creative posters.

Recomposed Classic Movie Posters

Hollywood Movie Posters Redesigned: French graphic designer Flore Maquin has recreated digital movie posters of a number of favorite


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SENSUAL LIPS Acrylic on canvas by Patrice Murciano

Paintings by Patrice Murciano

Acrylic on canvas paintings by French artist Patrice Murciano. Born in Belfort in Patrice started to draw at very early age. He likes to create colorful and expressive portrait paintings.

Illustration by Marumiyan / artist on Tumblr - Gaks Blog   @gaksdesigns

Take a look at these stunning illustrations by Japan based artist and graphic desinger Marumiyan. After the jump you can see complete artwork by Marumiyan.

- by Marumiyan, Japan

Wildly Colorful Mixed Media Illustrations

MARUMIYAN / マルミヤン  Graphic Artist / Designer / Illustrator from Japan

Vividly Alluring Collages Marumiyan Creates an Intricate Game of Eye Spy in These Portraits

Colorful and Expressive Artworks by Emily Tan

Colorful and Expressive Artworks by Emily Tan (Abduzeedo )


A mixture of colour and lines applied across a wide area of themes, everything from biscuits I love to tattoos - there's something for everyone.