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10 New Outstanding UI Design Projects *Shows different types of parts of the Earth in a dark, beautiful, feel.

2014 "The Godfather" - Silkscreen Movie Poster by Laurent Durieux at JoJo's Posters

2014 "The Godfather" - Silkscreen Movie Poster by Laurent Durieux

The Godfather - silkscreen movie poster (click image for more detail) Artist: Laurent Durieux Venue: N/A Location: N/A Date: 2014 Edition: signed and numbe

alienhatefaery: weepling: Sebastian Bieniek at Affordable Art Fair, New York i want this as a print in my house

VEO "Le Voyage Dans La Lune" by Ver Eversum More Descubra 25 Filmes que Mudaram a História do Cinema no E-Book Gratuito em http://mundodecinema.com/melhores-filmes-cinema/

E-Book 25 Filmes que Mudaram a História do Cinema

Mondo Poster Premiere: Kevin Tong's Gorgeous 'Mulholland Drive' | Movie News | Movies.com

thefilmstage: “ A pair of new Mondo posters for David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive by Kevin Tong. Pre-order the Criterion Blu-ray on sale.

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Best Graphic Design of 2013

The poster comments on the subject (racism) in a non-direct way, trying to invoke the reader visually into the inevitable conclusion. It has multiple reads, that provoke critical thinking and raise awareness on the subject and its results globally.

Artist Alexa Meade uses live models as support for her hyper-realistic acrylics, to carry her designs into reality. In this new series, Alexa Meade turns to street art painting her models how to live in monochrome stencils to integrate on graffiti-filled walls. The results are really impressive, & it's hard to tell the difference between her living & the wall paintings models!

Living Street Art – Les peintures vivantes d’Alexa Meade

Living Street Art - Alexa Meade paints people to make them look like two demential objects