Kumanoza shrine, Kumamoto, Japan 熊野座神社

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Kumanoza shrine, Kumamoto, Japan 熊野座神社~this minds me on the film hotarubi no mori e

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江ノ電・鎌高前 踏切 - a set on PHOTOHITO - Photo Sharing

江ノ電・鎌高前 踏切 - a set on PHOTOHITO - Photo Sharing


The red gate you see in the picture is the gate (torii) for one of the shrines in Kyoto, Japan. The color red is a charm against evil spirits for many shrines across Japan. Colors can have different meanings and messages around the world.

Jinzo-ji temple, Kyoto, Japan

京都 紅葉めぐり~神蔵寺、龍潭寺、龍穏寺、西光寺の紅葉 (亀岡

This red scene from Kyoto, Japan reminded me of the shade that DELSEY's Belleville case comes in. Japan is so high on my bucket list and I think fall would be an incredible time to visit the country as a photographer.


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