I know I've already pinned her in this, but I love the closeup. MODELS JAM: Tilda Lindstam, New York, September 2012

月刊「カーサ ブルータス」編集部が提供するwebマガジン。大阪・南堀江に誕生した、新ランドマーク的ショップ。| OSAKA


自分の好きなスタイルの探し方。 : (ちょっとだけ!)おしゃれなフランス生活

Winter Fashion Inspiration- I am in LOVE with this trend: Chunky sweater, Mini skirt, Opaque tights, Booties!


awesome 29 Inspiring Outfits with Sneakers to try this February (One for each day) , [br] Happy February ! Check out the 29 most inspiring outfits with sneakers, one for each day of February.

Denim top, fitted sweat pants, casual wear, loungewear

This is an example of Background with a Denim top, fitted sweat pants, casual wear to give a calm and casual look.