Fireworks offshore ala moana beach park, Honolulu, Hawaii

Fireworks offshore Ala Moana Beach Park, Honolulu, Hawaii, fireworks are set off on new year

We can enjoy summer in japan with many many festivals like firework, etc... It s really so awesome!

一目惚れの連続! 日本の「美しすぎる花火」に夏が恋しくなる

Tsuruoka hanabi festival ~ Akagawa hanabi in Tsuruoka, one of the biggest fireworks festival in Japan by Eric~~

Hanabi Japan

I'll never forget the spectacular fireworks display the Japanese put on for us on our U. Air Force Base in Japan on the of July - the most spectacular fireworks EVER.

A display of Fireworks♥

Students' ideas are like fire works. They are bright, beautiful, and shoot high above those around them. As teachers, we need to encourage our students to shoot for and create things of beautry