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Spectacular Suspended Installation Celebrates Light and Time

Light is Time is an art installation developed by Tsuyoshi Tane of DGT Architects. Featuring suspended main plates—the basic component of a watch—the award-winning installation was unveiled at Milan Design Week in April

cool shadow from the lamp. It's in Japanese but I bet you could figure out how to do it

22 Weird and Creative Lamps

shadow created by a lamp. Could possible be programmed in a way that the object changes over time. what a neat idea. shadow + light are sculpture, too.

Inarchi | FRAME series

Rather than installing a light strip in one spot, attaching it to a frame or standing mirror is a great way to create a modern lamp.


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Hoi-An-lantern-02.jpg きれいなランタン色とりどりのランタンが水に映ってきれい

夢のようだ… 世界遺産の街「ホイアンランタン祭り」の夜が神々しすぎる

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HOLY JESUS -- Fluorescent tube art installation at Frye Art Museum, Seattle, by Lilienthal and Zamora

真鍮製マリンウォールランプ(防雨ブラケット)BR1760ポーチライト古色/ゴールド - SELFISH(セルフィッシュ)おしゃれな照明・温もりの家具・かわいい雑貨に囲まれた暮らし

真鍮製マリンウォールランプ(防雨ブラケット)BR1760ポーチライト古色/ゴールド - SELFISH(セルフィッシュ)おしゃれな照明・温もりの家具・かわいい雑貨に囲まれた暮らし