Hanger Tea  Assignment 1:  It is a unique take on tea bags, usable, and humorous. The packaging is simple and also follows the narrative.

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UMA/design farmは原田祐馬が代表を務める大阪のデザインスタジオです。文化や福祉や地域に関わるグラフィックデザイン、ブックデザイン、エキシビジョンデザインなどを中心に領域を横断しながら創作活動をしています。UMA/design farm is a design studio established by Yuma Harada in Osaka, Japan.

Alternative design. I love taking the photo out of concept. It makes the viewer stop and take a second look.

ペット名刺 型抜き名刺 猫デザイン 縦型009 オーダーメイド 猫グッズ (1個30枚入)|株式会社黎明美術印刷

ペット名刺 型抜き名刺 猫デザイン 縦型009 オーダーメイド 猫グッズ (1個30枚入) もっと見る

This crafted piece of packaging was created with tabs to wrap the product around the sandwich box?  However, it follows my current design of using tabs to safely secure the product, this design also has a flicked overlap on the top, this completes the simple design.

in-fi-nity: “サンドイッチ米 by SANDWICH | PARCO-CITY&TOKYO FRONTLINE Online Artstore Living with ARTS | ファッション通販のパルコ・シティ ”