a new take on paper flowers

DIY Flower Ball in Easiest Way

Pinning for future reference. A DIY easy flower ball tutorial.


DIY Origami Bird Tutorial Psst Vingren /two birds


Make this awesome Triangle box on Tomfo. so easy, great for party favours, hair ties, or holding your present wrapping embellishments! A modern diy decor piece for your home. an easy geo origami box to make yourself

Some fun stuff for you :)

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Step-by-step tutorial on how to fold an Origami Horse, by David Brill.


DIY Mini Paper Handbag DIY Projects made using x 11 sheet of paper

Geometrisch origami doosje vouwen | Moodkids

Geometrisch origami doosje vouwen

DIY your photo charms, compatible with Pandora bracelets. Make your gifts special. geometrische doosjes vouwen/folding boxes www.



Paper and floral banner

diy cut out i <3 u card

i love you pop-up card…send to fam members just to say hi! i love you pop-up card…send to fam members just to say hi! was last modified: January

Heart-shaped paper chain!

This Valentine’s heart paper chain is a fun and creative idea for people interested in diy crafts and decoration. Is also a good fine motor craft for preschoolers.



6 hanging 11 ceiling wall tissue paper pom pom by

星のガーランド | ベンジャミンズパーティー

Benjamin 'a Party

紙を折りたたんだ状態で数か所カットし、穴を開ければ、レースみたいな模様のロゼットが出来ます。外側も丸くカットしてお花のようですね。 他にもレース模様に切れるクラフトパンチを使っても素敵な模様が作れます。始めからレースペーパーを使ってもいいですね。

DIY Papieren bloemen for frozen birthday decoration

Diy schemes of paper snowflakes More

DIY Schemes of Paper Snowflakes. Use this with fusible backed fabric for snowflake appliqué quilt.



Strumpet's Crumpets - arts & crafts by Becky Farley: Valentine Craft Ideas

新聞紙1枚で作るゴミ箱No.9(五角) - YouTube

新聞紙1枚で作るゴミ箱No.9(五角) - YouTube

1:3.5の比率の箸袋で折るビーグル犬 創作/山田勝久 ビーグル犬の折り紙の折り方作り方 箸袋で創作Origami beagle dogs 【創作折り紙の折り方・・・】

1:3.5の比率の箸袋で折るビーグル犬 創作/山田勝久 ビーグル犬の折り紙の折り方作り方 箸袋で創作Origami beagle dogs 【創作折り紙の折り方・・・】