Bernhardt Vella

The applique lamp Papillon plays with transparencies, colors, and geometric shapes. The two LED strips are integrated into the central beam with finishing in golden, that supports the two colored glasses.

KAGADATO selection. The best in the world. OSB design. **************************************

AMC undertakes full or partial renovations for both private and commercial needs. Combining interior with design, we are able to provide client with close to

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Eva Berendes Work from her oeuvre. "Drawing on a host of references, Eva Berendes’ geometrically patterned fabric screens divided, coloured and softened

13枚目の画像 | 忘れられない極上の旅を。”金沢”で絶対泊まりたい「おすすめ旅館」10選 | RETRIP[リトリップ]

13枚目の画像 | 忘れられない極上の旅を。”金沢”で絶対泊まりたい「おすすめ旅館」10選 | RETRIP[リトリップ]